Spread your Knowledge

A set of solutions to help you create and publish courses efficiently and easily. Never stop learning!

Helping to Develop Learning and Teaching.

This is the goal we strive for each day. We believe the borders of knowledge should be open giving everybody the opportunity to access it, be it as a teacher or a student.

Choose who you Share your Knowledge With.

Our products allow you to cater to different needs, offering more restricted or open configurations, depending on the characteristics of each organisation or user. Offer and create courses for your private network, for your external contacts or for the whole world, all from one single platform.

Private Network

The corporate world as well as some public and private organisations need to develop learning and/or training programs for their network. Their principal needs are privacy, management, control and tracking of the platform users. Our platform enables the creation of performance analysis when it is necessary. It is also a safe and private place which allows the control of content access, including the option of assigning given content to specific users.

External contacts

Nowadays numerous companies and organisations base their methodology on the principle of horizontality and freedom of participants (employees, students, suppliers, etc.) They are open to sharing knowledge globally and openly. That’s why they need a platform which will give them control over the content and knowledge they offer, allowing them to decide what should remain private and what can be shared with the outside world.

The world

Nowadays people seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and to make the most of all the tools around them in order to be better qualified and prepared. For this reason they look for learning and teaching platforms without territorial, linguistic, academic or other limitations. They need to share knowledge and expand their horizons beyond their professional career, hobbies or occasional needs. They seek a pluralistic and democratic way of learning.

Flexible and User-Friendly Solutions for Creating and Sharing.

Create Content Quickly and Efficiently.

XCRIBA is the ultimate partner for companies, screenwriters and authors. It has all the tools necessary to create content quickly and intuitively. You will be able to design, add exercises, videos, photos, interactive material and endless other elements.

Intuitive and Immediate Learning Platforms.

A way to create personalised learning platforms where you will be able to manage, distribute and create your XCRIBA courses without a complex configuration and installation process.

Our Team - The Perfect Complement.

The coexistence of people and technology is our strength. Our working team allows us to offer, apart from perfect solutions, support and close assistance, making sure that our offer is of high quality and of use for all those interested in generating and consuming knowledge.

Implementation and introduction.

From day one onwards we will be there for you so that you can make the most of the platform in the most efficient way possible. You will be able to count on the help of our experts in order to get to know the ins and outs of XTEACH solutions.

Support and Close Maintenance.

Our technical service is always thinking of your satisfaction and our experts study your needs to the last detail in order to offer the best solution in every single case.

XTEACH Keeps Evolving.

By being part of XTEACH you will have access to our updates and evolution, guaranteeing a stable and modern experience.

Enabling the Spreading and Creation of Knowledge.

We focus on making sure that our solutions boost the role of each user, so that they can enjoy teaching and learning.


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